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God is love, and those who live in love live in God and God lives in them.

Marriage Services at St. John’s

Deciding to be married is one of the most important decisions anyone can make in their lives.

People have been committing themselves to each other at St. John’s for over 125 years.

Every couple is unique and so every wedding should reflect their individual style.

Let us help you to make your wedding ceremony as personal as possible.   We can accommodate both traditional and modern, small and large weddings.

We even have a lovely garden for a small, intimate outdoor wedding.

Our music ministry can help you to choose music and instrumentation and our worship team can offer suggestions for decorating, readings and all aspects of the service.

Let us make your special day truly blessed.


Marriage Preparation

Please contact the church office to inquire if the date and time are available.

If the couple has not seen the church they may wish to arrange a time to see the worship space. 

The couple would also set a date to meet with the priest to start to plan the ceremony.

Some churches require a marriage preparation course.

This is not a requirement at St. John’s but if a couple wishes to attend a marriage preparation course we can certainly recommend resources In preparation for your wedding.

Wedding Ceremonies

St. John’s is a traditional church setting for a wedding.

 We have a magnificent Casavant pipe organ, a grand piano and can certainly arrange other instrumentation as required.

 We encourage relatives and friends to participate in the service by reading lessons, leading in the prayers and as attendants.


Our altar guild can make recommendations for placement of flowers, pew bows and other decorations to make the ceremony more personal.

 The service can be just Holy Matrimony or it can also include Holy Communion in which people of all denominations are invited to participate.

Eligibility and Requirements

As the wedding is a Christian service one of the participants needs to be baptized into a Christian denomination.   

Even though St. John’s is an Anglican church, the baptism does not need to have been Anglican.

There are also fees for the organist, the verger, the altar guild, the priest and for the use of the church.

     We will provide the cost early in the process and require payment at the rehearsal so that there is one less detail to cause concern on the day of the ceremony.


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