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Our Weekly Services

Every Sunday

8 AM   –    Service of the Holy Eucharist

10:30 AM – Service of the Holy Eucharist


Music at St. John’s

Music underscores almost all of our worship at St. John’s.

We have our director of music, Mary Lynn Woods, on organ and piano, and we have a dedicated choir and soloists, both vocal and instrumental.

We pride ourselves on setting the right tone for each service by carefully selecting the right music; especially respecting the needs and preferences of those planning weddings and funerals.

Director of Music

Mary Lynn Woods has been playing for St. John’s for six years.

She has continued the excellence of the music programme here at the church and introduced us to a wide variety of sacred music both contemporary and traditional.

Mary Lynn has a deep spirituality and a fantastic sense of humour which makes our music programme both reverent and fun at the same time.

St. John’s is also delighted to support her in her mission work to the poor in Jamaica with both donations and volunteers.